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My name is Emily. I like art and cartoons, kitties, and Nic Cage movies.

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Jul 24 '11

So I read Bad Island…

Honestly, I’m not as impressed with it as some of Doug’s other works. I thought the story was a bit…I don’t want to say cliche because Doug’s works are always outside the norm, but I don’t know. The characters were flat and uninteresting and the jokes felt forced. The dead snake was kind of funny and I liked the monsters, and how the whole thing had a sort of Neverhood-ish vibe. The scenery is drawn beautifully, the coloring team did a good job, and the cover is GORGEOUS - I got it in hardcover, and I think the extra $$$ was worth it for that. But I must say that I didn’t really get into the story. D:

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because Doug TenNapel has been my favorite author since I first got into comics, but his newer stuff just isn’t as interesting to me as his older ones like Gear(favorite), Creature Tech(favorite favorite), and Earthboy Jacobus. I liked Ghostopolis but I didn’t really get into the story until the very end. Is it because he’s rushing his work? I’ve heard him say multiple times that he’s decided to work as quickly as possible from now on so that he can get as many books out in his lifetime as possible. It feels like there’s this whole quantity-over-quality thing going on in his books now.

  1. majorpepperidge said: Why would he do that anyways? Is it like ‘LOOK AT ALL THESE BOOKS I HAVE AREN’T I SO FAMOUS?’ It’s almost like he’s attention mongering, riding the waves of fame that EWJ and NeverHood got him.
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